Budget preamps less than 3 bills......winner is?

Hey folks for 2nd systems always looking for sleeper preamps...Nad 1600...wow...the tuner in this is very good...and I own a Magum D...and the phono is very, very quiet...remote is worthless off axis but small quibble...this is a great used buy....Adcom 565...more of a transparent, hi end sound...in other words...very nuetral...less romantic than others...well known phono is highly regarded although at the time i never used it...nice piece...build is below NAD and this has no remote or tuner...belles xlm...very hi build...not remote...only mc phono...full bodied sound with muted highs...nice vintage sound but the most dated sounding IMHO...others? Forte, Nakamichi...
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Space-Tech Labs' entry level preamp (tube) is fantastic. Hand wired. I doubt it can be beat at 2x the price. It's $480 Canadian. Not too long ago that would have fit your price range in US dollars. OUCH!
Channel Island passive preamp with remote, a real sleeper that can compete with preamps costing 3 times the list cost. No phono section, must add phono preamp.
PS Audio GCP 200/GCPS. Differentially balanced, ICE modules eliminate problems found in typical volume controls of other preamps, adjustable inputs, full function remote, including "PHASE" Recently written in in Affordable Audio e-mag
i second the space tech. I had one a while i ago. Very impressive for the money...in fact ive always wondered about albert's higher end stuff...
Audible Illusions preamps. They have continually upgraded them over the years and they are still one of the better preamps around. Don't dismiss them just because they have been around for a while and haven't receive any press. They are still right there for the money and much more.
Rogue Magnum 99? Once I solved the noisy phono tube problem its been a gem.
I had a Nad 1600, & I agree, the tuner is quite decent. The pre-amp section is like a giant filter/compressor that removes all the highs, lows, Dynamics, & soundstage.

I'm guessing: $500-$800 minimum for a decent used hi-fi (not mid-fi) pre-amp (older C-J perhaps?). And really, much below $1000, an integrated usually makes more sense.

(Just my 2 cents!).
B&K Sonata is very decent for the money. Used should be close to your budget.
Agree the NAd 1600 is nowhere near state of the art...but for the money and then some...it is a very competent performer...i have heard much more pricey preamps that were a lateral move or a step down...but to each his own!
consider moore and franklin luminescence, audio research sp-10, conrad johnson premier 3, or other suitable vintage tube preamp. a beard preamp is no slouch either.