Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.

What are some other budget friendly preamps besides Schiit, the king of budget electronics? With similar quality of build and sound, both solid state or tube options would be welcome. 




I would recommend a used Backert or the current deal they are offering on their 1.3 models. They use two 12AU 7 tubes and have a completely neutral  sound signature and yet add real depth, clarity and realism to a system. Highly recommended!



I've been waiting for someone to comment on that very risky idea. Cost of divorce is a good one.

Quicksilver for sure. Simple, fantastic sounding, and affordable either in remote or non-remote version. I've had the 6922 remote version since 2014 without a hiccup...just a superb pre.

"So many suggestions" - Yes, that is what you are going to get, based on that type of question.

Used Backert - great suggestion, but hard to find.

Forgot to mention: Aric Audio.

Be willing to stretch the budget, and not limit yourself too much, on a preamp.