Budget Pre with 2outputs, rectifier tube and.....

Hello guys, I'm looking for a used budget tube pre with a rectifier tube, ht bypass and as stated 2 outputs. I've looked at Dennis Had's AES DJH but doesn't have the ht bypass, budget is about $800, maybe I'm asking for too much at that price. But that's why I come here for solutions. thanks in advance.
I don't know if buying a preamp based tube rectification as a main quality is a good idea. Most, if not all modern tube gear uses solid state to rectify. You may have to go vintage to find something.
Mapletree 2B SE uses 6X5GT tube/fast diode hybrid rectification
+1 Mapletree Audio.
Tube rectification done properly is fine.
Hi Barfbag

Check out Response Audio and their Musica Bella line of preamps. They have preamps with tube rectification and HT Bypass. The only issue is that they may be out of your stated budget. You can work with Bill from Response Audio to come up with something that may work for you. I own one of their older preamps and am very happy with it.

Good luck with the search.
Thanks fellas, keep me coming!
Tube rectification RULES.
I was expecting an attachment or description to see what the tube rectification RULES are as I would like to learn them myself. I must say I'm quite happy with the tube rectification in my Mapletree preamp but maybe there are some RULES I'm not aware of.
Consonance T1 gz34 rectified 4 inputs 2 outputs. Point to point wiring auri theta caps,class A circuit. With upgraded tubes this preamp outperformed a very popular highly rated $4500.00 pre in sound quality . Was a/b tested with group of knowledgeable piles and dealer.
Ejman ;
I think when he says that 'tube rectification rules' , he means that it is the best...the ruler of the kingdom . Not that there are any rules of the game .

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I had a DJH for a few years. It doesn't have HT bypass, but it was one of the best sounding preamps I've ever heard.
Check out Prima Luna. Tube rectification with separate power transformers.
Easy choice, the giant killer, EE Minimax.
Check out YS Audio from Hong Kong. ALso called Audio Expressions I believe. THey are on Audiogon. I believe a couple of their tube pres are tube rectified. I have an old one the MKII I think which is tube rectified and was a great entry into tubes. I think I got it for $400 5-6 years ago. I dont use it now due to little fingers and heat (live in HI) but it was a great little preamp that punched above its weight.