Budget Powerline cond Recommendations

I like to get a powrline conditioner, if they work and if I can afford one. I cannot spend more than $200(my stereo does not warrant it). I really hate the way the Monster 1200 looks and I've been looking at an API powerwedge(the one that sits on the floor. kinda triangular). Well, any help, information or guidance will be rewarded with much thanks.
The "Power edge" would be fine! Also, plan in the future for API ep-313 ac cord also! The combination is GREAT!
Without a doubt the best sounding budget condtioner is Monster HTS2000 buy from globe-mart.com for $125 new. Robt Harly of TAS was amazed at its performance for price.
My only experience is with the Monster HTS2000 so I cannot give you any comparisons, but it did the trick for my midfi system. I purchased it from Globe Mart as Sam mentions above. I live in an 8 unit apartment building and was not getting a very good sound during the daytime. We are the only tenants that do not run an air conditioner (I covered the nasty noise maker up years ago with bookshelves and a painting) though the other seven seem to be on constantly during the day. Light spacious music now sounds noticeably better before 11:00 pm and the system just sounds more coherent. The monster also has two specific outlets for power amps or other gear that require less limited/filtered juice. Global was great to deal with. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived the following Wednesday. I beleive that you will find it listed under Home Theatre at their sight, it takes a little digging to find it. I picked it up because it was cheap, but it turned out to be "good and cheap".
I use a Panamax 1000. Paid $177 from Tweakophile.com a couple years ago. Right after my house was struck by lightning and cost $6000 in hifi damage. Ive been happy so far but havent ever had a different brand to compare. I do like the look of the analog gauge in the Monster top of the line model but as for how good and what they are worth youve got me.
Right on, Dekay. Also purchased Monster HTS 2000 from Globemart. Good service and good product.