Budget Power Cords For Tube Mono Amps ?

Looking for a pair of quiet, high current power cords for VAC 220 monoblocks.

I have a pair of Volex 17604s which are pretty good, looking to step up without going nuts.

Any great, bang-for-the-buck cords around or under $100.00 ?
I bounced over to A.A. via the Cable Asylum and found some pretty useful imfo under an older thread titled 'Bob Crump AC Cord'

I was pretty aware of the majority of budget alternatives, just wanted to hear if anything else surfaced after the years.

I'm trialing a pair of Signal Cable Magic Power Cords next week.
Raquel, hobbyist idiots?? Really Nice statement maybe we should all summit are question to you for your great and sound advice.
Heaven forbid anyone else have an opinion.
As far as your comment, look into the mirror after that remark!
For what it is worth i have personally had great success with after market power cords but then again I am a hobbyist idiot.
dopog...sorry, not sure why.

If you google "bob crump asylum" the first hit (on audiotweaks.com) is it. It's a nice, clear description of assembling the Crump cord.
I will send you a few feet of the HD cord if you want it. My buddy has 50 feet.

Happy Listening.