budget power conditioner

I am looking for a power conditioner to power a plasma tv, an A/V receiver, a DVD player, and a cable box. I am looking into spending $300. Any suggestions.

I currently have an Equitech to power my main system.


I've had great results with a PS Audio Quintet. I live in an old apartment with knob and tube wiring and no ground. I have two restaurants a floor below me and refrigeration units a floor above. You couldn't ask for a worse situation in this hobby. The Quintet completely eliminated the noise. The Duet has the same design as the Quintet, but with four receptacles rather than ten. There are better power conditioners, but you'll have to spend a lot more than $300 to get them.
APC. Perhaps the H10. Surge protection and voltage regulation. I use the H15 in my HT.
PS Audio Duet fits your needs...works well too.
There is a AM Stealth in classified 345.00 6 outlets ,very good unit,works well in my system
The PS Audio UPC-200 comes up fairly often here for less than $300 used. It's a nice piece of gear that works well for me.
Let me second, or third, or fourth, the PS audio quintet. I have two, one for the plasma and one for the stereo. Nice units.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I will look into the PS Audio Quintet although I got a great discount deal on a Son of Q Jr from Equitech for more than double my budget.

I just got a Belkin PureAV PF60 and it is a great deal online, it can be had for a little over 200 delivered. It originally retailed for 700 i think. It got great reviews and for the price its hard not to try it out.
The Belkin pf60 works great with my Panasonic plasma (and also with digital components), but it kills the dynamics of amplifiers.
I recently purchased the Quintet. Although I am still trying to nail down the sonic impact to my system, two things are already quite clear: First, the Quintet does not inhibit dynamics in my system. Second, it substantially reduced hum and buzz, previously audible from the listening seat, to a level only audible when my ear is within 2" of the loudspeaker. Full review next month, hopefully.
I like the Belkin PF60 with digital amp, class T to be specific. Incredibly spacious and dynamic, there are 2 outlets specifically designed for amps. Good flexibility to program delays for specific outlets. At this price, will probably get another one.