Budget Power Amp and Subwoofer Suggestions

Hi- I'm looking for some ideas for a fairly modest HT power either in the form of a 3 channel and separate 2 for surround or all 5 channels in one. I also am looking for an appropriate subwoofer. I'm planning on buying either a Marantz or NAD preamp new/ year old. I will consider both new and used amps, plan on spending between $1200 and $1500. I will be driving B&W CM series 1st gen (CM-4, CM-2, CMC) in a 17'x16' family room with a 103" projector. The system will be used for everything from everyday TV to movies, sports, and a little bit of gaming and rarely for Blu-Ray audio or SACD (most of my music is on a 2 channel system in my living room). Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Get this 5 channel Parasound 5250 and call it a day.

Emotiva would be ideal in that price range for an amp and PSA,SVS or HSU for sub choices!
I think the BluRay audio requirement is going to add cost. If you need BR audio, I think you will want a HD receiver. (In most cases, a preamp and separate amps will cost more than a receiver.) However, if 5.1 will be sufficient, then I think you should be able to come in well under your budget. From what I've read about your speakers, you will need a solid amp section in your receiver.

There is a NAD T755 for sale on Audiogon right now for just less than $500. It has HDMI but isn't an HD receiver. It outputs 5 X 80 WPC in surround or 2 X 110 WPC in stereo. It also comes with the Audyssey set up feature which is rather handy. I'm not associated with the seller at all; I just own and use an identical receiver. I think it should meet your needs.

Also, I received an email from SVS this morning. Two of their sub models are on sale right now for $599 each, the SB12-NSD and the PB12-NSD. I think the price/performance combination on these subs is hard to beat.
I have read a lot of debate between the Parasound and Emotiva. Do you know anything about the reliability of the Parasound over the long term? I plan on keeping my amp and speakers for a very long time (pre-amp, source, and projector will get swapped out with upgrades in technology). I'm a little hesitant to pay $500 more for a used Parasound when I can get a five year warranty on the Emotiva.
Patrick, let me throw another choice out there. Adcom 5006/6006. Six channel amp. A very strong 50w per ch. I own the 2-ch. version, the 5002, and I think it's an awesome bipolar amp. I prefer this over my MOSFET Rotel RB-951. Hard to find but it could cost you a song...