Budget Phono Preamp -- Under $250?

I just ordered a tube integrated amp (Cayin TA-30), my first venture into tubes after 35 years of solid state. The Cayin has no phono stage so I need a phono preamp for my Thorens TD-320 with Ortofon Super OM20. The Cayin dealer says I should go with a tube phono preamp (Antique Sound Lab Mini Phono) but another audio guy I like says that it isn't necessary to have a tube phono preamp, that a Creek OBH-8 would be sufficient. So, does anyone have any insights? Will a solid state phono preamp compromise the sound of my turntable? Thanks.
I owned the ASL mini phono preamp and found it to be quite good. Smooth. But not as punchy as some of the higher end units. For the lower price, it's a bargain. But I ended up selling it when I purchased an ARC SP16 with phono stage. How does the mini compare with the SP16 phono stage? Well I would say that the ARC's phono stage provides that extra level of punch and liveliness that justifies it's higher price. Much higher I should say. I don't know about the Creek unit, but have heard only good things about it.
a buddy of mine has some rather nice phono pre's, CJ EV 1 camelot dc powered but uses a rotel with great results. he swears by it.
found one on this site.

Rotel RQ970BX Phono Stage
Preamps: Solid state > Item: 1072518949

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If the integrated is tube, I wouldn't worry about a tube phono pre (especially for less than $250).

Used Lehmann Black Cubes occasionally pop up in that price range and they are very good SS units.
This is a fantastic low priced phono pre-amp with excellent reviews. http://www.ciaudio.com/
Blue Circle, a manufacturer of tube equipment, makes a phono preamp this is solid state. Check their website... they make some interested arguments for solid state phono vs. tube.