Budget phono: crisp, lively, with controlled bass

Hey folks...looking for a modern, articulate, lively presentation with bass that is well organized...can live with slightly lean bass if bass is of decent quality...looking at solid state designs...not into a warm or thickly midrange presentation...more quick with good PRAT...under 500 bones....
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Used Gram Slee Gram Amp 2 SE.
Dynavector DV-P75 is a bargain for the price.
Lehman Black Cube - your description is just about spot on for this unit.

Good Luck,

Agree with the Black Cube, but I'd try to locate the Lehmann Black Cube SE version with upgraded power supply.
3rd vote for black cube - SE usually goes under 500 used
The Dynavector P75MKII fits your description...
Research Ray Samuels Audio XR-2...Will run rings around Black Cube, even w/ SE & custom Power supply..Owned em both