Budget of components

When building a new rig from scratch what percentage of your total budget you would put in speakers, pre-power, digital, and analogue if turntable is used ?Usually you start by choosing the speakers first and than the components that will match.Please share your experience.
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The search function is your friend. We have covered this many times in the last 15 years. Having said that, I would suggest that you find a speaker that you LOVE and have found it to sound great within several different systems. This will help you to feel confident that it should sound pretty damn good within your set-up. Look to spend up to 50% of system price on speakers. The source would be second for me. Good luck 🍀 
What's your total budget?

Because even imaginary budgeting, if you're gonna do it right, the things it makes sense to budget for change completely depending on the budget. At $1500 it makes sense to budget for a turntable that will come in a package with arm and cartridge, and maybe even phono stage. At $40k it makes sense to budget individual amounts for the turntable, arm, cartridge, and phono stage.

So you at least need to provide a range. Or be blown off or get lame advice like half the money on speakers. Sheesh.

So what's your budget?
Best budget stuff for everything except the speakers, is Schiit Audio equipment end of story.

Cheers George
Budget 100-120k, no turntable to start with in my case.
This budget is cables uncluded.
$50k speakers
$40k power and pre
$20k digital source 
$5-10k cables and power conditioner. 
(Assumes here room treatment not needed since not inquired about but if that not case then skim on others and do that right). 
With that budget one could easily spend 50% of it on speakers provided the speakers were 'the ones' for ones environment.  Not saying one would need too. Room size is a major factor driving speaker price. 

I would identify the desired speaker/amplification combination 1st. 
Speakers most likely Borresen 03s.
Next week i'll audition the CH Precision I1 and in december the Vitus SIA-030 both at dealer's.
I call the 50% on the Speakers with 50% on POWER ... inclusive of panel on and yes, power cables. 😊

I consider it an "ante" in this game of ours.

(note: 1. the above percent does not factor in the room  // 2. does include great power implementation within individual components...for example separate power supplies //  3. is per the OP’s budgeted amount, percentage drops for higher budgets)