Budget musical sub: sealed or vented design....

Looking to add a sub for musical purposes only...what are the pros and cons of each design?...I live in an apt and extreme volume is not a concern...just looking for the most accurate and musical bottom end to fill out the sound...cheers....I am leaning towards a sealed design...maybe the Adire Rava...any others? Hsu?
Gallo 150 passive sub! Make sure to stand it on end and design a stand for it!
There was an article in The Perfect Vision about subs, I believe it was last year. They describe the trade offs of each design (sealed, ported/passive radiator) and driver size, for music and films. They also rated 25 subs FWIW. I myself used 2 Mirage BPS-150i, dual 8 inch drivers in each sealed enclosure externally cross-over with an LFX-3 in stereo configuration with my vertical bi-amped Energy Veritas V2.2
Hey Phasecorrect,

You have made many contributions to that thread "time coherence - how important & what speakers?" & had many 1-1 with Roy Johnson on that thread so you know his engineering is sound. So, how about Green Mountain subs? I know Roy makes atleast 1.
I've not heard his products but am making a recommendation after reading that thread.
Dear Phasecorrect; ANY sub in an apt. is just begging to piss off those near your unit.(Above/ below / beside) BASS is the only thing they will hear,most likely. If you can hear it; they can hear it. Like the subs in those mini trucks; It is louder outside the truck than it is inside the truck.(Same for an apt--it excites the 2x4's ect.) Otherwise all those guys would be deaf.
SVS really makes some high quality subs.But as George said they maybe to much for your neighbors.Good luck!
I read an article recently that said masonry is a terrific sound insulator for subwoofers. So if your floors/walls are concrete, it may not be as bad as you think. The article also mentioned that subs that fire forward are more neighbor friendly (to those below you) than those that fire down.

Have you seen the Earthquake supernova 10"? Also, I've heard good things about the ACI Force.
REL Strata III...if that's no enough bass for you, buy two of them and run them as a stereo pair.
I realise apt living is not ideal for an audiophile...but hey...what are u gonna do?...at any rate...consenus is front firing is better suited?
People have stated that Parts Express has some great DIY subs.You could save some $$ that way.There are other DIY sites which give some designs(listed below for starters).

I am going to take that route(DIY)and try to get the XO point to tightly match my Main speakers insteas of getting the regular Variable Setting amp types.I would like to get a REL ,but thehy are expensive.I like their Philos. though.

I do not know weather it would help,but you might try to elevate the sub and place a Granite Slab at the bass to isolate it from the floor which might make it alittle easier on the neighbors below.

You might want to check some of these DIY sites!Just the info alone can guide you for other things!