Budget integrated ideas: budget $650

I would like a list of budget integrated amps (used). We are setting up a second system in the TV room, and I have nice Von Schweikert VR-2000 speakers in there, but need something to drive them. I think they are about 90db and fairly easy to drive. Mostly, we will use this for enhanced sound on movies and also for radio HD (NPR/OPB Music) broadcasts (we don't have cable). I might also connect a CDP (especially if I can find one that also does DVD's, as my old DVD player is a $75 special), but my main system sounds much better and I will do most of my music listening in there.

I figure that a SS integrated would probably make the most sense at this point. I had a cheap Jolida tube amp and it sounded not that great. The old Arcam integrated I have (now my workplace stereo) sounded much better with these speakers.
Take a look at some of the new stuff from Virtue Audio.
A new or used NAD would be a good choice.
Used Rega Mira 3, or Portal Panache if you're lucky enough to find one at that price.
I'd grab a Creek 5350 with that budget
If you liked the Arcam with the VonS's,why not get another one?Just a thought.
Second for the Rega suggestion - very good amp for the price.
I am getting you want to add good sound to this endeaor and thought this to myself as I about went they way you seem to want to go...

Why not, if this is a video centric system, just get a nice receiver from Onkyo or Integra. I say those two as their video is not hamstrung like Marantz's, which only upsample to 480.

I mean lets face it.... DVDs are nice, Blue rays are too, but without the surround mixes their audio provides well, they come off leaving me feeling like, eh, so what.

At $600 to $700 you should be able to get something like an Onkyo TX SR 805 or better, which has the better power supply than the 806, and it sounds great! The Video is super too... and later on you can add mo' squeakers as you feel the need. If ever... AND a sub.... again, if ever.

IF an int DOES SOUND BETTER, I'd bet it's not night and day better, and the added flexibility of a very nice preowned Onkyo or Integra rec as the applicationl is for video in the first place, makes more sense to me.

My 805 drives a pair of 87db, as low as 2 ohm, 3 way towers extremely well. They have 10" woofers too. They are my second zone/office (10x12x8) squeakers... no sub needed BTW. It did run ALL 5 of my main HT squeakers at one point, but I've since added more amps for that deal almost right away.

The Onky has the 1.3A HDMI too, and will allow upsampling to 1080 AND has that Audessy audio correction benefit too boot!

BTW there's an 875 for sale now at $600. I don't know the seller and there's limited feedback. The 875 has 10 wpc more than the 805. Both have the better power supplies... not the digital ones the 806, 876, or other '6' series recs employ. I've heard right here the bigger heavier power sups are better by more than one person.

Just food for thought.... surround sound sure adds a lot to movies.... even if itty bitty surround squeakers are later added to your VSA's.

Good luck with whatever.
my preference in that price range is the audio refinement complete.
Thanks for the responses. I actually may look for a used Arcam, or one of the others listed here. I don't need a whole lot out of this system, it will be mostly for TV, movies, playing internet radio, and NPR. I have something to go on now, at least.
I'll throw in the Bryston B60 since it hasn't been mentioned yet.