Budget integrated amp needed

I have a little bedroom system - NAD receiver, Pioneer SP-BS21 speakers and a Bluesound Node. It fits my bedroom music needs perfectly! Unfortunately, the NAD, from the mid 90’s, has had it- 

I am looking for a replacement integrated. I don’t need Bluetooth DAC or AirPlay- just a straight forward integrated and low power is fine. 

Suggestions please! Ideally budget is about $300- give or take and I’m not adverse to used 




REGA BRIO - either

  1. preowned older discontinued clamshell model at your budget or
  2. the current smaller footprint model with a small tick-up in your $$ outlay


I may have something for you, but damn if I can figure out how to PM on this site.

Strike that. I didn't see your budget. Look for an Onkyo 9110. GREAT little integrated that sounds WAY better than it has any right to.

About your speakers, noaudiophile.com commented "Well, it looks like it's not boomy, it's just got muted treble".  So, that being said maybe look at a used yamaha integrated amplifier or receiver, as yamaha is known to sound resolving/ have clarity in the top end.  Since, you already have a Bluesound Node, it has eARC for your TV.  An integrated amp would work really well for music.  But, if you wanted to split music/tv/gaming and have additional HDMI or expand to 5.1 or something, a receiver would work better.  Or, you could always just find another NAD if that's the specific sound you like.  So many options!