Budget High effeciency speakers

I have a Marantz 2226 receiver and just was given (yes given) a CJ Sonographe SG3 turntable. It has an Audioquest PT7 arm and a Sumiko Blue Point. I need some advice on budget (under $500) speakers. I will be putting these in a loft and my listening position will be about 7 feet away however the wall behing me will be about 15 feet away. the loft is open to the 1st floor.I'll be listening to mostly classic rock with some blues mixed in. I wont be listening critically, just want something that sounds good..kind of nostalgic. The marantz was my dads I rehabbed. Any advice is appreciated..thanks all.
Tekton Design - very good efficiency, great reviews...

I would look for a pair of Klipsch Forte I or Forte II ... perfect for a vintage/nostalgia system. Another good one (and this speaker I own) is the Epicure 20+. Awesome in a vintage set-up, semi omni directional so no "sweet spot, deep bass, smooth highs even with old solid state gear. Hard to find though.
Klipsch Forte or Quartet.
If you can stretch your budget a bit, I highly recommend a pair of Tekton M-Lores at $649. There are multiple reviews of the speaker online for more info.
try to find a nice set from our Canadian friends. Paradigms. PSB or Mirage. all are easy to drive and should do the trick for you. An 8" or twin woofers are recommended. Good luck!
+1 on the Tektons
Don't know why I didn't think of the Klipsch Fortes. I own a pair. : )

Klipsch or Tekton, either way you should be very happy.
Tekton for sure!

Or if you want to save some money Klipsch classic series speakers: KG4, Heresy, Forte, all are efficient and can be upgraded with Bob Crties Xovers.
I'd have my eyes open for a pair of Snell Ks. The originals are the best, but the K/IIs are excellent, too.