Budget High Current Power Cords

Bang for buck, what are the best high-current power cords for power amps/sub amps? Seems an obvious question but I haven't found it in the AG archives.
@bigby an earlier post says the 7 awg Pangea sound like throwing a blanket over your system. Yes, they are visually impressive, but have you compared their SOUND against other upgrade power cords, or only against the stock cords included with your amp?

That was me. I still have two 14awg Pangea...in my closet. They have a warm sonic signature, as do others, but they lack clarity and detail. They are a budget cable, as are Signal and Cullen which I prefer. These are my findings using them in multiple systems, as always YMMV.

As for their high-current 7awg cable which is so fat and stiff, it’s difficult to use. That’s not the problem, there are other firehose PCs. My issue is how it colours the sound and lacks transparency resulting in a dull music presentation.
Obviously, I believe different designs, materials, and construction influence sonics. I also believe the audio system must be revealing enough to hear these differences.

Very nice system @bigby.

Audioquest thunder power cord is maybe not "cheap" but it works. However, I don't believe you provided enough info as to what is considered cheap. Cheap is relative, for instance, you spend 3000 to 5000 on an amp, then to me, the 700-800 on a thunder, depending on length, is relatively reasonable. 
Here's yet another place to look, Douglas Connection. You can get DIY materials from them or they can build what they call "custom made" cords. Their Elite 12 power cable may be what you are looking for. I have made some DIY cords with the Lapp wire and various brands of cord ends. For a budget cable I think that they very good.
@lowrider57 , @bigby  Much appreciate the additional detail. This info on Pangea, coupled with discussions of others above, tells me there's no perfect, one-size-fits-all PC that will sound best with each of 100 different amps with 100 different designs. Now I'm wondering whether the  difference in design between a 250W Class A/AB power amp and a 1000W Class D sub amp wouldn't almost necessarily require different wires? Or maybe all PCs will sound the same with a device whose frequency range rolls off at -24dB above 31Hz? "Transparency" would seem a moot concern in the domain of sound waves 11-17 meters long. 
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