Budget hi-fi and vintage audio gear

I’m in the process of putting together a budget hi-fi system and I am curious for any advice fellow Arsians could provide. I would like a system that is purely stereo and produces high SQ rather than high SPL. As it stands now, my computer would be the main audio source (MP3, APE, CD) using my TBSC- however I want to eventually add higher quality separates like a CD player, etc. This system will be used in a bedroom/computer room (small apartment) and I’m pretty set on picking up a pair of Axiom Audio’s M2ti speakers. What I’m looking for is a good quality integrated amplifier (not a receiver, I don’t need radio) that is budget priced (~$250 at most). I’ve done some searching around and it seems vintage equipment could yield the best results for my needs. What sort of vintage equipment would you recommend for my needs? I’ve seen the NAD 3020 or 70’s Marantz equipment come highly recommended  https://waveadvice.com/integrated-amplifiers/ ; does anyone have any experience with this equipment? What are some precautions to take regarding the purchasing of 20+ year old audio equipment? What are common problems old integrated amplifiers run into? Any information and suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks!
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@PessenDon't ignore receivers just because you don't need a radio.
They look fantastic when all lit up. Much nicer than a plain brushed aluminium face amp with a little power light.
I picked up a small Pioneer 24 watt receiver for $40 and it sounds really good with my Zu speakers.
Enjoy the search
I have several old amplifiers, the oldest one is from 1977. Some of them work really good. Say, you can get Luxman LV-110 through internet for price not more than 100 Euro. Or it can be just cheaper receiver Technics SA-222. There are two problems with old amplifiers - electrolytic capacitors and old contacts in switches and regulators of volume, balance etc. This last problem can be fixed by special silicon spray for contacts that must be put inside these parts
I've picked up lots of really good receivers at garage sales for $5 to $10.Lots of them. My friends know where to go if they need something for essentially free. If you don't need the tuner section, don't use it. Receivers are generally cheaper than separate amps anyway. Craigslist, as previously noted, can be a goldmine. Certainly don't buy on Audiogon...

  Thank you for suggesting the right stuff for the job. Not everything is equal out there. Same as different lubricants for mechanical parts. Gee, why do they make so many kinds? It depends on the materials being lubricated to begin with, but there are so many more factors to consider as well. Kind of like using good old Elmers glue for everything. No, that just doesn't work friends. That's why half of your projects fall apart.