Budget Front Ported Bookshelf Recommendations

Thanks in advance. Looking for a budget pair of front ported bookshelf speakers. Would prefer 8 ohms, 88+ dB, not greater than 12" x 8" fronts. Will be placed into stone "cubby holes' either side of my fireplace, not subjected to heat. These will serve to augment TV sound and background music in our living room. Will be driven by an inexpensive 18 WPC SS amp andl be mated to subwoofer, however run full range. Budget is $300 retail. Not many budget speakers are front ported.

Have found Polk Audio M10 to fit the above, however have nor heard them. I will continue online search.
Waste of money as the foam surrounds on any speaker will dry out quickly and it would be an expensive repair.
Thanks Phase, Just looked into the primus line. THe 153s seem to best suit my spec requirement, the 143s my size requirement.

As I have not yet built the fireplace I have some flexibility as to the size of the "cubby holes". Probably don't want to "box" myself in.
Primus also have an exceptional, small floorstander...p253...if interested
Few drivers made today have foam surrounds. In my setting the speakers will not be subjected to excessive heat or unusual drying conditions which would cause them to age prematurely.
Get a used pair of KEF Q10s (or a newer version...Q15s?)...rubber surrounds, great sound for small bucks. I use a pair for studio monitors, bought them new years ago and they've continued to work flawlessly. Used to be made in UK, for whatever that's worth.
Thanks Wolf, I will look into these.
+1 to the KEF Q15 or Q15.2 monitor speakers recommendation. I've used them for HT front channels and they were great. They can be oriented horizontally or vertically making them easy to situate. Powering them was easy too either solid state or tube amps.