Budget floorstading with a good waf.... Help

Audio physic : sitara 25, or sonus faber venere 2.5, or focal Aria 926, or Neat morivé 2 or 3..... What is your opinion about this selection ?
I would throw the later model Thiels into the mix. The only speaker my wife ever had a positive word for were the Thiel CS 1.6s. I also owned the Audio Physic Tempo IVs which she thought were ok but really just looked the other way.
It seemed to me it was the sloped baffle which makes them less obtrusive. I like the look of the new Sonus Faber speakers.
For about $500 more than the Aria, you may want to at least audition the Monitor Audio GX200, which feature a ribbon tweeter. Nice looking speaker.
As posted on another thread, I just purchased a pair of Larsen 6s after seeing the brand at the Newport audio show last weekend. They are placed directly up against the long wall in our living room, and I absolutely love the sound they make. These are the only speakers I have purchased in the last twenty five years that my wife actually approved.
Q #1: What comprises the rest of your system? System synergy matters - big time. Soliciting random, ad hoc and blind suggestions will only get you heavily biased personal value judgements at best; with no assurances that they will even work with your system.

(2) what is your budget?
Every time I hear a Focal I'm struck with how clear they are .
What is your wife's esthetic sense, and what are your musical preferences? You must first find speaker candidates that satisfy both of these requirements.

What speakers does your wife like based on looks, and what does she dislike? Of the ones she likes, are there any that sound the way you want them to, especially on the music you prefer?
Check out Salk Sound SongTowers - limitless choices for finishes. Let your wife select whatever finish she likes.


I've seen several in person. Pictures do not do them justice. They are visually stunning.
The Golden Ear Triton may not be beautiful, but it's only 5" wide which may make it appealing. Good sound and very good value IMO

1- My wife's aesthetic sense is probably like the majority or wives: they don't have a problem with any speaker... as long as they can't see it. The Larsen's aren't quite that invisible but they are close. She says that they look like boxed plant stands (???)

2- In regards to music, I listen to just about everything except Hip Hop, Country Western or Tejano/Polka music. A typical listening session may include Beatles, classical symphony, Joni Mitchell, Wagner opera, Sonny Rollins and Back organ cantatas. That is why I like the Larsens so much; they sound great with all the music I listen to in my room.

3- I had a pair of Salks several years ago - Pharos, not Song Towers. They sounded great but were way too big for my room and were very demanding of exactly the right placement, way out from the front and side walls. They also had a very narrow sweet spot, as I recall. The midrange was very sweet sounding, but frankly I much prefer the Larsens. My opinion, no one elses.
PSB Synchrony 2 used
No offense Bodotes, but comparing the Salk Pharos (high efficiency tower, TMW 3-way, 44" H x 17" W x 17" D tapered, near $9,000) to the SongTowers (narrow baffle, transmission line, MTM 2-way, 44.5" H x 8" W x 12" D, under $2000) is not a useful comparison by any stretch.
The Opera Seconds is, I believe, a discontinued model. It's basically a visual knock-off of the Sonus Faber Cremona and a nice sounding speaker - a pretty good value, too, at $2K/pair. The Venere is IMHO a more striking design, but that's just my taste and you and your bride might prefer this one:


Be sure to click on the photo for a larger view and a better sense of the looks.
I thought Johnnyb53 was responding to the original poster Georgelfre???

06-12-14: Lou_setriodes
I thought Johnnyb53 was responding to the original poster Georgelfre???
You are correct; I was. It seems that Mr. Bodotes already has his solution and was sharing it.

And while we're on the subject, the OP now has 14 responses to this thread without responding.
Also take a look at Monitor Audio Sliver series, small compact speakers that don't dominate the room. Also great WAF, appeal.
take a look at zu speaker line. i am a real convert to single driver full range units.
Johnnyb53, i think we have the same woman model.
About the sound, it's not the primary objective. I know this sort of sentence make no sense on a audiophile forum, but we talk about a second sound system in the living room, with an exposure 2010. The look (translate : the waf) is .... Essentiel. My wife is following in love with the new beolab 18. The sound is pretty good but it's a bang and olufsen system. It's complicate to connect. I need a other option.
B&O always made pretty good sounding speakers, seriously...it might have been their best component. IMO, get the B&O's and make your wife happy, trust me it's worth it...a happy wife, is a happy life
For a second system where sound quality is second to disappearing (visually) speakers, I went with the Anthony Gallo A'diva ti and their MPS-150 subwoofer. The sub was totally out of view and the small A'divas sat on either side of the tv.
It made great music for what it was; mostly background music for small gatherings. My wife never once complained about the looks as it was unnoticeable.
Beautiful, unobtrusive, relatively inexpensive with the ability to produce sound that belies other speakers costing much more $$$ = Silverline Prelude Pluses in real rosewood veneer for $2,000.00 (40"x5"x8")

92 dB efficiency perfect for your 75 WPC amp.