Budget DVD-A with good sound?

I am looking into gettng a DVD player with DVD Audio capability. I would like to spend a max of $300.

Additional features I'd like it to have are progressive scan, no chroma bug, digital coax out, component video outs. But more importantly, I'd like it to sound good.

I like the feature set and video reviews I've heard about the Panny RP82, but I've also heard that it doesn't sound so good.


Denon DVD-1600 ?? But at $500 +/- from an authorized dealer, it's a little out of your price range. This particular Denon, as I've been led to believe, is basically the video section of the (great) Panasonic RP56 (Sage/Faroujda FI2200 chipset), which is a great budget player without the chroma upsampling error (bug). In usual Denon fashion, I'd expect at least _some_ improvements in the analog audio output (over the panasonic). But I haven't heard it.

I am considering this player. If I do get it, I'll let your know how I like it.

In the same price range ($500/street aka out of your specified budget) is the Toshiba SD-9200. Many people report that this is a fantastic DVD-A (and respectable on redbook CD), but unfortunely it suffers from the Chroma bug.
The Toshiba SD-4700 is around your price and it sounds very good.
Except that the Tosh 4700 has the Chroma bug.