budget digital coax


trying to decide between 2 budget digidal coax cables

bettercables silver serpent
signal cable silver resolution

any thoughts on those or any other recommended budget digital ?
I have both and prefer the BetterCables silver serpent. More detail and smoother.
I recommend Wireworld Starlight 5 or Ultraviolet 5 from The Cable Company.
I have the Blue Jeans Cable ones and they are very good.
There's a Silver Audio digital for sale over on Audio Circle, I'd give it a look...
I would like to offer you a Virtual Dynamics Testament, I am willing to offer it as a gift my compliments. Each of you that have posted before me you are in. Just contact me and I will make them up and send them. You pick up the shipping if you will be so kind. I think you will enjoy it.
Have fun with them!
Very happy with the Silver Serpent.
I use a "Stereovox" cable between my transport and DAC...around $150 used. I also have an "Apogee" digital cable in another system...around $50.

I usean IXOS 1041 between my ArcamCD72 and LiteDAC got it through Quest for Sound (not affliliated)
Thanks Rick for another fine cable! The Digital Testament works very well in my budget system. I really improved the dynamics. They are now faster, clearer and more defined. Also, cleaned up the soundstage a bit. Very nice addition. THANKS!!!!
Rick: The Virtual Dynamics Testament digital coax is the best cable in my system so far. If I had bought the Testament 2 years ago I could have saved alot of money instead of trying Signal Cable, StraightWire Mega Link, Better Cables. The Testament works great with my Theta DAC and even better results with my Meridian Processor.