Budget DC Player

I am on a budget and looking for a CD player or Transport DAC combo that has been tweaked to give the best sound for the money. I am confused by all the mods to different components on the internet. I have the following - KRELL KSA 250 amp AUDIBLE ILLUSIONS MODULUS 3A preamp (actually a Modulus 3 upgraded by the manufacturer)PIONEER PD-65 cd player (I heard this can be tweaked to a high class transport only)THIEL 3.6 speakers ACOUSTIC ZEN HOLOGRAM speaker cables SIGNAL interconnects. I only listen to jazz on CDs and FM radio. I am looking to change my preamp just because it has a power supply attached by a chord to the preamp itself. I need fewer boxes at a cheaper price for a better sound. Someone who has the same amp has suggested NOH preamp from BENT AUDIO so I am considering that. I know that my weakest link is the DC player. Can you offer some advice? I think I need a tubed one for a warm sound. I thought about a tweaked tubed one box with superclock II, a volume control and connection for a tuner so that I can avoid the preamp altogether. I am looking at a 2k budget. What is your advice? Thanks in advance.