Budget DAC - Have AE D2

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Bryston B60R
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I bought an Audioengine D2 in July '12, but my living accommodations have changed and I no longer need the wireless aspect.

The D1 would probably be the easiest answer as I can sell the D2 and have money left over?

I have spent some time familiarizing myself with the Parasound Zdac and this one appears to be a possible upgrade from D1/D2.

Budget is $500(US), but I'm sure I could go to $750 for something long term...

Happy to hear any and all opinions / recommendations / thoughts. I packed up the D2 for sale and the lack of a DAC is palpable...
Here is a budget DAC shootout. It's worth a read anyway.

I had read this prior to posting. These appear to be EURO models? Are these available in USA?
Oh man.

Emotiva XDA-1 or XDA-2, Arcam rDAC, Peachtree DACit, Wyred4Sound uDAC, Schiit Bifrost, etc.
Halide HD DAC. Wonderful sound for reasonable price. Comes with cables as part of the package. Stereophile's recommended affordable DAC.
Schiit Bifrost is a good recommendation! Thx!!
Thx for Halide rec.

Comparing it with Bifrost and W4S UDAC however, I am leaning towards those.

What I have determined from research is that the features of the DAC should be the 2nd consideration after cost.

As the W4S UDAC can be powered by USB, doesn't have XLR (B60 doesn't either) and has a small footprint (The strongest feature for me of Halide), I think that is how I will go.
If you're thinking about the uDAC, check out their website. They have a try it before you buy it program.
Just received my bifrost yesterday and it kicks some serious butt

But get a good power cable - I think it helps tremendously

Got the USB and Uber upgrade - well worth it