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In my home theatre setup I have a Pioneer DVD,and an old Phillips(880)CD player.Is there a DAC under 1000.00(used or new)that would make a noticeable improvement.Is there anything out there that has 2 inputs,so I could run both(DVD and CD) into it.I appreciate any advice.Thanks,and Happy Holidays. John
MSB Link DAC III. Very upgradeable later. $350 new. Used available on eBay all the time for $250 to $300. The earlier Link and Link II are the same, just not as upgradeable. They sell used for $175 to $225. The link stock link DAC has both optical and coax input, and will automatically switch between the two when it gets a signal. So I guess to run them both without disconnecting, one would need an optical out. The upgraded Link DAC III also takes the balanced AES/EBU connection.
I'm currently using a Pioneer DVD player into an Electronic Visionary Sytems Millennium DAC. I had previously been using a modified Link DAC, and the EVS DAC is clearly at another level in terms of dynamics, imaging, soundstage, and transparency. At $1050 it's also significantly more expensive, but you definately get what you pay for(superior parts, execution, and jitter reduction) and you can always return it if it doesn't dramatically improve your system. With the Millennim DAC you'll get fantastic results with your DVD player as a transport, so you can pretty much ditch the Philips and not look back. Best of luck.

You also might consider getting the Pioneer modified by Stan Warren or Dan Wright - whether you use it as a stand-alone or a transport. Everyone seems to speak highly of both.
I have a Phillips CD-880 that is now a back up. The Theta Pro Basic 3a will blow you away. The 880 makes a great transport and will blow away any of the mid priced dvd players as a transport. I have seen 3a on here around 800.00. Its clear that the above post is not fim with the 880 or its buld quality. The gold crown chips still sound good to me . I think they kick most of the bitstream players buts! The only bad thing about the 880 is if you drop it on your foot it will darn sure break it. Its very heavy.
Ninja- Amen brother.Is the 880 a beast or what.On top of that it was my first CD player.So it has some sentimental value.My 880 is not only built like a tank,but it is still in mint shape.Unfortunately the remote don't work.Ironically I have a Marantz SR 880 HT reciever and the Marantz remote works the CD-880.The old Phillips CD Players were awseome,the 960,the 880,and the CD80. Peace-krelldog
Krelldog another plus is the 960 was made in japan, the 880 was made in Belgum. The marantz is the same as phillips same products same company. Only the names are changed to protect the innocent.
It should be kind of hard to not look at the Art Dio based on all the positive feedback it has been attracting.
I would also recommend looking into the ART DI/O. Despite its very low cost, the sound is good. I haven't compared it with more expensive recent DAC's, but it will bring a big improvement to the sound of most older or inexpensive CD/DVD players. It only has one digital input though (RCA). --Scott
As an alternative to the above, I would suggest a used Micromega dac, either the Duo BSII or the Microdac. They are available used for $200-300. These dacs will not offer the last word in resolution, but they sound more musical than the dacs I have compared them to, which include a Theta Pro Basic II, MSB Link I and Bel Canto. I have had success using Micromega dacs with a Marantz cd94 as a transport, although they benefit from better tranports. These are dacs for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the music as opposed to trying to wring every last detail out of their discs.
another art di/o recommendation - check the info here, & on the audio asylum's digital board. only one digital input, but at the price, you can afford to get two di/o's! :>)

doug s.

just ran across a phillips 880 cd player for $89.undecided to get ior not.what makes it a good cd player? What about repairs? why is an outboard dac necessary