Budget CD player with USB input

I'm looking to put together a small system which will at times be used by my daughter when she practices music.  I need a CD player that has a USB input, but I'm looking to keep the cost low and the sound quality of the analog output high.

I'm not looking for anything ridiculous, something like NAD, Marantz, Rotel, etc.  Ideally $400 or less, and less is better.  Any thoughts?
ARCAM SOLO NEO or ARCAM SOLO MINI  ..... used units frequently available in the $500-ish range for the upper end NEO and less for the Mini.

Also has both iPod and USB inputs to go with the CD and FM and Internet streaming / internet Radio.

Google the great reviews
Oppo 103
Take a look at the Yamaha CD-S700.


second the Yamaha.  I have bought a bd-s677 (blu-ray, dsd, usb, wifi, $250) and I was more than impressed.  The sound in direct comparison with my msb dac (link iii) was much much better, better imaging, more natural.
The Japanese have been back in the mid-fi/hi-fi for some time.
OK, I'm digging the Yamaha recommendation.  Is there a matching integrated that kicks ass more than say a Marantz 6005 or NAD 326bee?
Actually there are a few, IMO.  For the record, I do like the NAD amps but have no experience with the Marantz integrateds.

I have the all analog Yamaha A-S1000(48.5lbs) and absolutely love it.  It will run you about $1200.00 on the new market and $999.99 refurbished with warranty.


Yamaha also offers other integrated amps with built in DAC which do come in at lower price points, new and refurbished.  A-S501, A-S701, A-S801.



5 years ago, i compared NAD 315, Marantz 5004, and Marantz 8004.

I kept the NAD because it is punchy and lively with budget bookshelves (b&w 601 in my case)at low to moderate volumes, and I kept the Marantz 8004 because the midrange is superb, and because it is slightly on the warm side of neutral and powerful enough to drive speakers (rega rs-5 in my case) at more than moderate levels without compression or distortion.
The 5004 was not powerful enough and not lively at all (power supply is not a toroidal)

Now, I do question the reliability of the NAD (cracking volume controls very early with mine, and it does release "POPs" now).
The marantz built quality is second to none.