Budget CD Player

Thanks guys for all your past posts.Trelja thanks for the great advice on the jj tubies. Now guys I need to find a good sounding not expensive CD player HAS TO HAVE Optical out for MD recording. My equipment is Jolida 202 and Tannoy R1. Ive come up with Marantz 6000 ose, marantz 67, sony mxd-d3(dual cd and md player, Kind of worried that this will not be up to par with my equip. Think Ill notice sound difference?) Also sony ES70. Kind of wary of sony though,probably should feel the same about the marantz too I suppose.
There is a good deals, on the Audio Advisor. From $200, to 750. I would suggest you to get C.E.C. currently on clearance, for $750. Belt driven, top-loading, with tos-link(optic) coax and XLR outputs. Your "lower" models like Cambridge audio, by Marantz 63 SE, and AMC all have optical out.
The cec is a good choice so is the Parasound cdp 1000 made by cec.Its 249.00 and sound as good as many 1000 .00 players
ditto on the parasound, best phillips mod out there
Cambridge CD6 has XLRs. All their products have RCA and BNC.
This may get a lot of laughs but is absolutely true. In the past two weeks I did a very serious sound comparison of my RCA 5223P DVD ($349 list but probably available heavily discounted) player with my Arcam Alpha 8SE ($1000 list). I've had the DVD player about 9 months but never seriously compared the two figuring the Arcam would blow it out of the water. Result: the RCA is better; I just sold the Arcam. Even I would not believe this if I read it, but a recent post here suggesting a reasonably cheap Toshiba DVD player bested most of the audiophile players up to about $1500 made me do the comparison. I posted a full review at Audio Asylum.