Budget cables - interconnects and speaker cables?

I have built a decent system over the time - Lexicon, DynAudios and a CAL amp. I have auditioned the speakers the most and then the amp and then the preamp but never spent time on cables. Currently the system is connected using just average cables like - Monster, Mogami and such.

I don't intend to spend a lot on the cables and am looking for suggesions on budget/best value speaker wires, interconnects, co-axial and component video cables.

How good are Signal cables and/or Cobalt cables.

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I have purchased interconnects, digital coaxial, video cables, silver speaker cables and the REL sub cable from Frank at Signal. I must say first that I am new at the audio/HT hobby. My current system comprises an NAD 272 amp, NAD 763 HT receiver, Arcam DVD and Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and Sonus Walls for surrounds. I am quite pleased with the sound and picture quality. Frank was well versed on my equipment and the cable combos to bring out the best in my system. My frame of reference is limited, but my experience has been a quality one.
In my experience, the Signal Cables are excellent--for the money. If you are willing to spend more money, you will get better performance. Again, that's just been my experience. It all depends on how much you want to spend.
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Signal cables are good for the money: quite detailed but smooth. However, as mentioned above, you can get better performance but you'll have to spend a little more.
Do yourself a favor and call Kevin @ Upscale. He carries the Ah! Direkt Cables that are swiss made. I purchased the speaker cables as a gift to a friend and we were both stunned at the amount of musicality and detail these cables let through. There's so much clarity without edginess. They are also very fast (not sluggish) and dynamic. What I mean by this is you feel like the music is charged with an extra dose of Adrenalin.
Kevin mentioned he didn't need to advertize these because they sell on their own merit. He also mentioned that many people ended up selling their expensive cables after they hook the Ah! Direkt Cables in their systems during the trial period.
I have no relation to Kevin or Upscale. Just an impressed consumer.
Signal Cable IS that good. I suppose you can get better cables than Signal, but you'll need to spent ALOT more, probably 5 times as much, to hear any appreciable difference. You might also try Blue Jeans Cable. Just my 2 cents.