Budget Cables for Budget setup - pls advise

Hi all!

After weeks of research and auditioning have settled on the following kit -

My 1st Speaker Setup

Speakers: PSB Alpha B1
Amp: NAD 316BEE
DAC: HRT Music Streamer II
Source: Macbook Pro
Cables: ? (USB cable, Interconnect, Speaker Cable)

As you can see I need help with cables. My gear is really beer budget stuff so nothing too fancy. Just need cables that are decent enough for such an affordable system.

Total budget for cables: 100USD for all - USB, Interconnect, Speaker Cable =(

Many thanks in advance!
I suggest that you search the archives

I made a pair of the White Lightning DIY speaker cables and they are very good but you may not find the cable at Walmart anymore (do a search for White Lightening) if you can find the extension cord it will cost about $7!

USB really makes a difference but I do not have a rec. for that price. The HRT is really nice imo.

good luck
Blue Jeans Cables for that budget would be my suggestion.
I agree with Deanz in the recommendation of Blue Jeans Cables all around.

A cheaper option for the speaker cables which would be fine for your gear is Canare 4s8 cable from markertek.com using bare wire connections at both ends.
blue jeans +1 but include their locking bananas. avoid the monster or rocketfish bananas from best buy or whatever. the BJ units are much more robust. I went 10 gauge as well and had no bend radius issues. I assumed that within reason bigger wire was better.
BRAND NEW Wireworld Equinox 6 XLR 4 Meter
Retail $550
Selling for just $220



Construction: DNA™ Helix
Conductor type: Ohno Continuous Cast copper
Insulation: Composilex™
Plug contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper
Connectors: Silver Tube™
Termination: XLR
Length: 4M
DH Labs - top quality copper and silver, great connectors, at modest prices

Want it built like a tank - Van Den Hul are awesome!

Both are very low capacitance that will work in any system
Blue Jeans for ANY budget. Honest pricing and excellent product. They deserve to be supported. But they won't cost as much as more expensive cables. So keep that in mind.
My Audio Cables ( MAC )
I agree with the Blue Jeans cable recs. However, for budget analogue interconnects and speaker wire, I generally prefer to just buy bulk parts and make them myself. Blue Jeans Cable actually sells bulk, unfinished Canare Star Quad to use for speaker cable - save yourself some money and don't bother with the finished cable, just strip the ends yourself and use bare wire.