Budget Cable Suggestions: 15 ft Runs 8,9 Gauge

Currently trying Blue Jeans Belden 5T00UP/ locking bananas. Looking for other suggestions for 15 ft run speaker cables in lower gauge (larger diameter):

1. banana terminations /15 feet
2. less than 10 gauge (8 or 9 gauge)-- lower resistance
3. up to $500
4. for use with higher power/current setup (NAD M2 to Mirage OMD 28 speakers)

Tried Analysis Plus Oval Nine in past years, sold them.

Try a pair of AQ Type 6 or Type 8. Its a big step up from what you have now and your components are definately good enough so that you will hear the difference. Its a good match for the tweeter in your Mirage. Also, you shouldn't have to go anywhere near $500. You can get something more expensive, but I think the money can be put to better use elsewhere.
Thanks ZD. Looking for suggestions for 8 or 9 gauge cable however.
A pair of Anti-Cables Reference 3s would be just over $400. I've been using them for a few months and find them very reasonable, and quite musical. Lots of detail, excellent dynamics. They also have somewhat less expensive versions. Terrific customer service, too.
Thanks Whmuckley. Already tried anticables and another magnet wire cable too.
You may have a very difficult time getting 8/9 Ga wires. I have seen some 10 Ga, one of them being Clarity Cable. Dana cables has a ridiculously low Ga. but nowhere near your price.

The problem is that when you get to that point in total gauge you have a horrid time putting terminations on the cable.

There is another solution; double up the speaker cables. Simply parallel two of them vs. one. It passes my Law of Efficacy, and I use that method whenever possible. So, don't sweat the total gauge, when you can double cables and get similar effect.

Finally, I'm sure there will be plenty of naysayers, who likely haven't tried it but will carp on and on about how it "shouldn't" work. I'm not interested in arguing my methods; I use them because they do work, and work quite well. :)
Doug makes a good point. Two identical paralleled cables are equivalent in terms of resistance to a single cable that is three gauge sizes larger (e.g., paralleling two 12 gauge runs will be equivalent to 9 gauge).

Doing that would also cut inductance in half, which may be at least slightly beneficial in terms of upper treble extension.

Don't do this, however, with the few cables out there that have ultra-high capacitance, such as Goertz, or your amplifier may be VERY unhappy with the doubled capacitance.

-- Al
Budget cables...make your own. I like the KASA wiring from KnuKonceptz. The expense will be the brand connectors you choose. Lil labor crimping and then applying the heatshrink along with a mesh covering and youre downtown.
I use the Supra Cables Classic 6.0, which is a 9 gauge wire. Great product & great value. I initially thought I wanted one of their more expensive cables and was steered toward the Classic because I needed a long-ish run.

As always, thanks guys for your input.