Budget cable for tubes

I am looking to warm up my system. I don't prefer sparkle. I am willing to spend $150 on used cables.
I have a Rogue Magnum 88 amp, Magnum 99 pre and a Rogue Stealth phono section. Proac Studio 250 speakers with Aperatur silver speaker cables. I am looking to upgrade my TT cables which are stock MMF 7 cables. And the Stealth to pre. I have ordered a pair of Alpha Core micro purls, but I am not sure they will ever arrive. And I am not sure they will do the trick. I am looking to warm up the TT.
Any suggestions? Thanks
If it matches your cartridge electrically, I'd try some Cardas - its reasonably priced. I use it on one of my tables with an MC cartridge.
You can save money by contacting Stu Wein at www.audiopartsinc.com. Nothing wrong with his cables. Also, as you perhaps know, www.fatwyre.com is good for used cables. Pay attention to the Audiogon auctions and classifieds.

I am of the opinion that most any of the specialized cables in your price range are much better than the 'off the shelf' stuff available at Circuit City, Good Guys, etc.
Monster m1000i may be the exact sound you prefer, a little on the warm side with heavy bass, for more definition I like the Kimber hero's.