Budget Best: MAS , Reality, Element, LAT, PNF?

From your experience can anyone recommend these cables (or other quality budget cables) to compete with the better more expensive cables. It's not that I mind spending money on quality cables, but unfortunately I've decided to finally go to biwire and need 17 foot runs. I refuse to pay $1,500-$3,000 for AZ, Synergistic, MIT etc. I want a neutral sounding cable that has exellent extension High low and mids. I'm looking for quality top to bottom performance. I'll be replacing Speltz single wire runs. These speaker cables are for full range speakers with powered 1000 watt subwoofers and 1000 watt power handling capability so they need to be able to deliver current.
I will heartily recommend MAS cable. I use the Digital Reference, the Gray Silver as a sub cable and the Signatures as I/C's. These are excellent sounding cables at very reasonable prices and Stu is great to talk with.
I also like the MAS gray/silver,but think the Signature might offer better tranparency.Mapleshade Clearview-check for humming>>return policy(Yes,i'm a dealer for it),
Its a Broken Record Go for the Mas. Stu is very nice and easy to work with.
For speaker cables, I have used Signal Cable and Kimber 4VS cables with good results. For IC cables to connect CD players with preamps, and preamps with power amps, I have been more than satisfied with the MAS Gray IC cables that I bought from Stu Wein of Audioparts. They made a clearly audible improvement compared with the stock cables they replaced. I do not have extensive experience using multiple brands of cables, but these have worked well for me.