Budget AVR as a preamp

I am looking for a $500 or so used or new AVR. Needs to have the following:

1. Preouts for mains to connect my DNA-1
2. All the new codecs
3. Quality stereo sound

All other features are bonuses but not mandatory.

Models considered include the Onkyo 805, Yamaha 663 (and its htr series twin). Any thoughts on these or other recommendations?
An Outlaw AVR might be what your looking for
Somec59, the original poster wanted "all the new codecs", which I assume means the high-resolution audio formats available on Blu Ray discs. The Outlaw does not offer these (yet).

For the time being, the Onkyo and Yamaha are probably your best bets for the new codecs.

Onkyo TX-SR606. Onecall $388. I can attest to the quality of the Onkyo receivers. I have an 805 and a 505. I highly recommend them.
I did mean Dolby-HD and DTS-HD master formats.

the Onkyo 606 doesn't have a "direct" mode for 2-channel according to their website, so that rules it out in my book. Basically I want the best 2-channel preamp I can afford that allows me to utilize the new codecs for movies.
It is possible that I misunderstood the instruction manual, but I think it has a "direct" mode but not a "pure audio" mode. It means that there is no digital processing of the signal, but under pure audio mode all other circuitry is disabled, including video and display. I have found little difference between the two, but in some systems there may be. Stepping up to the higher models will get you the pure audio mode, but at a cost.