Budget Audiophile system under 2k

Helping a friend out who does not want to spend the 20k i did on my rig.
so...... as a starter audiophile type system, (9x14 room)   

what would you put together for ~2k ish.    

I was thinking Outlaw receiver and Elac speakers    Thoughts?


thanks for suggestions.  right now the source is probably a pc with external hard drive out via usb playing flac files via foobar2000.   i will look at the streamer  
Sounds like your friend need a DAC, integrated amplifier, and speakers. 

There is a thread under Digital concerning budget DACs. Might check that one out. The DACs in the Outlaw and the Yamaha A-S801 are thought to be good also. RE the Yamaha the DAC in the 801 is may be better that that in the lessor expensive models of that series, I does have different specs. I own the A-S701 and use the DAC with my MACBook Pro with a USB/SPDIF converter as the 701 doesn't have USB input. The 801 does have USB. Both have coax and toslink. I believe the amplifcation in both the 701 and 801 are the same (100wpc).  I also own a NAD C356BEE (80wpc) integrated which lacks DAC and phonostage. It has a warmer sound than the Yamaha, as does the C326BEE (50wpc) which I once owned. The aforementioned amplifiers were used in my secondary system which had a retail price around $2000. All bought used though nearly new. I am currently driving a pair of B&W CM5s ($1500 when new) with the 701 and am pleased with that combination. This secondary system is a revolving door.

Would your friend consider used components? 
I put the following system together for my niece last year:

Marantz PM -8005 integrated amp ( used $600);

Elac Debut B6 bookshelf speakers on stands( $250 on sale)

SVS SB1000 subwoofer ($350)

Node 2i streamer $550

U-Turn turntable ($200)

total cost - $1,950. Sounds great. 
I have done this more than once using preowned components. Specifically 

1) Audio Refinement electronics - integrated amplifier and CDP with/without tuner 
2) Speakers: Spica TC50 with proper stands or Celestion SL700
3) cables. 
The SL700 that should not be used with a sub. Both are pretty forgiving as to placement. 
The key is to be patient.