Budget amps that can hold their own.

I am working on a system and am building it from the source up. Alredy I have a Njoe Tjoeb 4000 and am working on the Bottlehead Foreplay pre-amp. Now it is time for an amp. I am looking for somthing under $500, but I do not know where to begin. When looking in the under 1k range, a lot of big names put out consumer crap that is not worth the plastic it is made of. What are some decent low budget amps that are worth looking at?

Thanks so much
Eric Baer
See if you can find an Anthem 40watt/ch tube amp!
Can we had for less than $250.
Listen to Eastern Electric MiniMax Amp. Morningstar Audio now selling direct.
Sorry, I left out some things in my last post. I meant that the B&K ST140 is a good budget amp and it can be had for less than $250.
Amps should match your speakers. If you haven't already picked them you should as the type of speakers you use will determine the amp you need. To do the reverse will severly limit your choice of speakers.
ADCOM 555II can be found here or on eBAY for $300-$400. A Nelson Pass design, 200 watts into 8 ohms, High currant , built like a tank and best of all sounds very nice with a tube front end. Not the last word, but very respectable for the bucks.
NAD C320BEE. Simply excellent - especially the power amp section.
Forte class a amps, Bedini 25/25 if you stumble over one...Rotel, Adcom....
I have owned several brands all SS If you can find one QED P300 looks crappie sounds great very dynamic open fast with almost tube like warmth. No other amp even double the price I have heard and I have heard MANY sound as good. Another good If you can get a good used price is McCormack dna 125
Agree with Newbee. What speakers do you plan to buy?

ATI's are a great way to have great sound without great outlay.
~~~~Hafler 9505. Right now beemer has one for $525! If you are local, jump on it and don't look back. Seen these get $1000 on ebay. Awesome quality for that price!!!

Just the Facts
Speakers first, then the rest.
NAD, Parasound, Adcom, Jolida, Rotel... it all depends on the efficency and sound characteristics of the speaker.
You can pick up an older Bryston 2B amp for $2-300 if you look hard enough. Very sweet sound, 60WPC, suitable for more sensitive speakers...
I am listening to a little Stromberg push/pull tube amp that was lent to me while my custom 300b amp is built. It sounds very, very good considering it has not been opened up for any mods since we received it. For 200 bux delivered it is a great! With new wiring, AC cord, NOS tubes, volumes bypassed (or upgraded), and upgraded components (caps, resistors) this will be wonderful.
9505 Great Amp For The Money I'm Using With ClassE DR5 PRE
and Paradign Studio 100's Lot's Of Clean Power For the Buck
I've been Using This Setup For 2 Years And I'm Very Happy