Budget amps: 2nd system.....

Here are my options...NAD 3020, Denon DRA 625ra, HK 3380 receiver...this is for a vinyl based somewhat retro system...as far as phono goes...any clear cut winner?...HK has remote, sub connection, etc...Denon is from early 90s era and is fairly well built at 60w...NAD speaks for itself...which one would you choose?
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I used to have a Denon DRA-600, I really liked that receiver, good amp section, pretty decent phono section. I also have owned and/or sold NAD and H/K gear. Both have very good quality amp sections, the H/K is significantly more powerful. The NAD is getting pretty long in the tooth, but it was a well-reviewed unit back in the day.

I think I would opt for either the Denon or H/K, both will do justice to a simple vintage vinyl setup. The H/K is a bit more current and has plenty of power, maybe the nod goes to that one...

I own NAD gear(T175HD, T773, C542) and as you know the 3020 is lengendary. I also own Denon 80's/90's integrateds and CD players and I am very pleasd with all of them. The Denon integrateds are fantastic with plenty of punch and very neautral sounding IMO. Very well built also. No personal experience with HK but heard sound quality is top notch.