Budget amps.

I'm looking to buy my first set of separates. I'm looking for a 5 channel amp. I would like 150watt minimum on the front 3 channels. My speakers seem to tax my 105watt B&K receiver pretty good. Can you guys give me some suggestions for something around the $600-$800 range, new or used. Emotiva, is right their with New stuff. I've seen some used Outlaw stuff in that range, what else. I'm Interested in anything decent New or Used.
By the way 150 watts at 8 ohms.
What preamp and speakers are you using?

If you're patient, you might find a used Outlaw in your price range, but if you want something now, look at Parasound and Rotel. They offer a great bang for the buck. The 140 watt Parasound HCA-1205A might not reach your 150 mark, but Parasound amps are overachievers with their massive power supplies and high current design.

I don't know anything about Emotiva.
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Look into the Behringer 500 units. Plenty of power, good value.
Emotiva has cheap gear.
OK, now we have ATI, Emotiva, Parasound and Behringer. I think you are right mingles, 140 should be close enough. Taking a quick look through the used equipment, my choices are limited. The parasound seems to have the largest selection to choose from. I didn't see anything for Behringer, but isn't the 500 a 2 channel amp? I need 5 channels. There doesn't seem to be but one ATI and it will probably be out of my price range once the auction gets to the end. So today we are looking at Emotiva XPA-5($800 new) or a used Parasound HCA-1205A. Does anyone have experience with either of these 2?
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Thanks, Actually I am selling the receiver. I'm trying to upgrade to separates. I am planning on getting a new processor because my receiver was outdated in terms of audio processing and video pass through. I figured instead of blowing the budget on a new receiver maybe a used amp and new processor might yield a better overall combination. What do you think? By the way, how does Sherbourn stack up against these others. I found one that may be in this price range.
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Check out http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products.html. Not sure how often their 5 channel amps come up used, but the two channel units are commonly available, sturdy and good sounding values. You would need a good processor to go with it.
No knowing what speakers your using, really makes these recomnmendations pretty much a guess. I'll join in with my own guess, I always thought the Marantz MA mono amps were pretty good for inexpensive surround sound.
Not so sure about that Emotiva post I made earlier,,,,the amps have been brought up in reviews for having some less then pleasing performance.
I've only heard your speakers briefly at a show. Based upon the stereophile review and the specs, the Marantz MA still seem like a good fit. I have no relationship to this seller what so ever. Good luck...
Thanks unsound, I have looked into these little. There seems to be plenty around to choose from. I wish I could take a listen, but no one on here seems to be anywhere near me usually, Middle Tennessee.
Thanks everyone, I found a Sherbourn 5/1500A and bought it from a classified here on the gon. I haven't really had a chance to listen to it yet, so I can't give a review. I strictly bought it based on a few reviews I read, and the fact that If I want to sell it, they seem to hold their value well.
Exactly where have you read about Emotiva having less then pleasing performance??? Inexpensive yes, but not CHEAP gear.. Reviews I have read are quite the opposite.thanks