Budget Amp for Maggie MMG's

Hello all.

I'm about to move from Chicago to Dallas, from a spacious one bedroom with 14' ceilings to a very small efficiency. I have just sold off the last pieces of my last system, and am already thinking of a small system to build for the new place in Dallas. Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

My living area will be approximately 21' x 12'. However, seeing as how this space will have to accomodate my bed, a desk, AND the sound system, I'd like to stay away from really big components. I listen mostly to classical (solo cello and piano, lots of chamber music) and small scale jazz (brad mehldau, dave brubeck, female vocals).

Here is what I have in mind (and my budget for each component):

Speakers: Magnepan MMG's (~$300)
Pre: Bottlehead Foreplay
Amp: Acurus A100 or Adcom GFP 545 mkII ($350-400 for both pre and amp, or for an integrated)
Source: No idea, maybe a Sony DVP-NS500V ($200 tops)

I've got the cables covered. Looking for any recommendations on an amp or source, or any comments on this system generally. Should I go for an integrated? The Foreplay looks like a lot of fun to build, which is why I am thinking of going with separates. Given my close living quarters, should I go for more efficient speakers?

Thanks in advance!

Hafler 120. Great dampening factor to control the panels, quick and the most musical amp Hafler ever made period.
Given your close living quarters, I would go for smaller speakers, like the ProAc Tablette Signatures or 1SC's, with an integrated, either tube or solid state. Or the Linn Classic, which is an amp and CD player and, in some models, an FM tuner too, all in one small Linn-size chassis.
Personally, I prefer the CE775 over the NS500V. Auditioned both before purchasing the CE775. It sounds a little better (highs a little smoother, more airy sound). However, if you need a dvd player also then I guess the NS500V way to go.

By the way the Sony's need to sit on some kind of isolation device and should have some weight on top. I noticed slight improvements with the tweaks.
If you have 1k to spend on an integrated there are about 5 that are absolutly exelent and seem to reign supreme in their world (pricerange).

• Audio Analogue Puccini SE
• Plinius 8100
• Unison Unico
• Blue Circle CS
• Musical Fidelity A300

Eric Baer