budget amp for Apogee Duetta2's?

I have a pair of Apogee Duetta2 coming.
$800-$1200 to spend on amplification.

looking at (in order of preference):
1) Ayre V-3 (will this drive them?)
2) Aragon 8008BB (afraid it will not be warm enough)
3) B&K M200 monoblocks
4) Bryston 4B ST

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If any listed will not dive the apogees well please please let me know!

(p.s. sorry, i know i had a similar thread going. I revised and reposted, as i felt not having the speaker name in the title was limiting feedback and probably useful search-ability now the road)
The best place for any type of Apogee advice is the Apogee Acoustics Users Group forum on Audioworld StraightWire Forums
The Apogee Duetta's were voiced with Classe amplification. Try an older DR9, DR25/Model 25 amplifiers, or an even older Classe DR-3 which Jason Bloom used at industry demos.
I had auditioned the Duetta II extensively back in its heydey in the late eighties. The Duettas are balanced very much on the warm side (but conversely can be strident in the upper mids and highs) and like being paired with an amplifier that is very dynamic, clean top end, and with high power. I wouldn't pair it with an amp that is inherently on the warm side. The Duetta can be ponderous and bass heavy with the wrong setup! The Duetta is a nominal 4 ohm load and demands a very good high current amp. The Classe'25 would be a very good match as would the Aragon. I heard the Duetta 2 with the Aragon 4004 and it was very nice. The 8008BB should work very well as it is an even more powerful version of the 4004. I thought the Threshold amps (S300 or preferably S500) of that period were also very good with the Apogee. Also agree that early Classe' designs (DR3,DR8,& DR9) would also work well because of their high current design. Personally, I preferred the Apogees with Threshold over Classe'. The Classe' amps are very 3D with a great soundstage and great musical texture. The Thresholds were livelier and more dynamic.
i had that apogee in earlier years, best is with krell,(which i used mainly) the apogee could go down to around 2 ohm, and many older classe seem OK, cheap buy is older threshold, counterpoint is very good match/sound as well, but reliablity is bad.. good luck on searching
I have had a pair a Duetta Signatures since '89 that have gone through various and many tweaks and mods, and have lived with several amps---Krell, AR, and Muse. About 5 yrs ago, on the advice of several other Apogee owners, I tried the Odyssey Mono amps. I think they are an excellent match. The amps really surprised me, given their affordable pricing (manufacturer direct). I prefer them to any of the other amps I have lived with. Odyssey makes a stereo amp that should work (the amp should plenty of current) with the Duetta 2s. The stereo amp can be found on audiogon for ~$700-800. I have seen the monos amps (various versions---extemes, SE) on audiogon ~$1700-2000. I would recommend you call Klaus, the manufacturer (an excellent person to talk to), and getting his recommendation. The best time to reach him is late in the evening, central time. (317) 299-5578. odysseyaudio.com
Another vote for Classe' Audio 25. Used one for years (bought it new in 1989, still have it, never a moments trouble) with Apogee Stages and then Duetta Signatures. Really works well with Apogees. Great amp in your price range and built like a tank.

Good luck.