Budget 2-ch vinyl playback system?

I want to put a simple, inexpensive (but nice) 2-ch system for vinyl in my office but have no starting point as my main gear is all digital and I have never owned a turntable.

Don't worry about the speakers, I will build something under the guidance of Selah Audio, tailored to the rest of this system as I have done for my main system.

There is already a good thread on budget turntables so I will refer to that but I think that leaves the need for a preamp and amp as open questions.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding this topic.

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Project Debut if you try hard you can get at discounted price that includes Ortofon 2M red cartridge.
PS-Audio phonostage with volume control hooked up to active speakers of studio grade such as Mackie or M-Audio or even Samson.
get a nice, used 70s japanese Direct Drive table for less than $300, even with cartridge. Plug it into a 70s integrated amp with phono for less than $150, hook up speakers, and away you go.
It's hard to beat the sound of what Marakanetz proposed for the money. Audioengine or Emotive acrive speakers would sound good also and sound more refined than you will find wit 70's gear.
nad PP-2 phono preamp, used about $80, and your choice of "brick" gainclone amp--by Topping, HLLY, SMSL, or others. I like the TA2024 or LM1875 chip-based designs, but if your speakers need more power, try other class-d based amps, most about $100 or less. Amazingly-good sound, reliable and affordable.
If the OP has already decided to source speakers from Selah, then the simplest solution from there is a Pro-ject Debut Carbon turntable with included cartridge, and an integrated amplifier with built-in phono stage--something from Marantz, Cambridge, Creek, NAD, or Rega depending on your budget and size and power needs or limitations. For example, a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon and Rega Brio or Marantz PM8004 (which has an excellent phono stage).
When shopping for a dedicated phono preamp awhile back...the Project box(standard issue-non tube) and Grado PH-1 were head and shoulders above the competition...at least at their respective price points...I also demoed the low end ROlls (Red Unit) $50 as was pleasantly surprised by its performance....FWIW...I have owned entry level REGA/Projects in the past...one really needs a dedicated wall mount to make them work properly...something I was unwilling to due...hope that helps....
Thanks, this is good info.
Rega RP1
Rega Brio R

I have this set up and it is unbeatable for the price. Phono is built into the amp so no need for a phono pre amp.
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Thanks, this is good info.

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Rega RP1
Rega Brio R
I hope after 8-1/2 months the OP figured it