Budget 2-ch vinyl playback system?

I want to put a simple, inexpensive (but nice) 2-ch system for vinyl in my office but have no starting point as my main gear is all digital and I have never owned a turntable.

Don't worry about the speakers, I will build something under the guidance of Selah Audio, tailored to the rest of this system as I have done for my main system.

There is already a good thread on budget turntables so I will refer to that but I think that leaves the need for a preamp and amp as open questions.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding this topic.

I don't know what your budget is but with a secondary system I've found 2 channel vinyl bliss with a good condition Technics 1200 Mk2 with a Denon DL-110 MC Cart, Bugle2 Phono Preamp.

The Bugle2 was $150 direct from Kickstarter.

The Denon DL-110 High Output MC Cart was $140 new.

The Technics 1200 Mk2 was about $300 from a retired DJ.

If you want to go even older you can find quality belt drive turntables at great prices.
try a new project carbon with ortofon 2m red cartridge