Budget 2,500-Separates or one-box?

What is the right thing to do to get the most out of my CD collection? Budget is $2,500 (give or take)-do NOT want to go "used" market.
Thanx for your help, folks.
There are two Pioneer 95S transports for sale on the site (brand new ) 950 -- use to be 2500 or so and check out the Birdland Odeon Lite DAC - about 1k new . great system here. Spend the rest of the budget on a cable and some music.
Personally I too would go with about a $1000. transport and $1500. DAC (roughly). You'd need to allow $100-200. for a good digital cable. Good Luck. Craig.
Although it lists for nearly 3K, the Cary 303 is typically discounted by dealers to your price range or below. Wonderfully musical cdp with huge soundstage and great bass and dynamics. Very emotioanlly involving. Even the HDCD sounds fabulous. I've had one for nearly 2 years and love it. Built like a tank. Put an aftermarket power cord on it and you'll be a happy camper.

I compared the 303 to Resolution Audio CD55, Linn Ikemi, Wadia 830, Meridian 508.24, Theta Miles, Arcam FMJ...traded in an Arcam Alpha 9.

Separates are a pain, plus you need more cables. I don't want to do the DAC dance, thank you very much.

Keep life simple and fun, audition a 303.
Buy a used Electrocompaniet EMC1 the sound and built quality are excellent and you can't go wrong. This can be upgrade latter to 24/192 for about $1000.