Budget 15' interconnect recommendation

After remodeling my basement I will need to get a 15 feet interconnect between my pre-map and power amp. I don't have a lot of budget for that, up to $300. I did some research here and other forums and seems like the following cables will fit in my budget. I am asking if some of you have owned them and provide some direct comparison. I like smooth mid, low mid, solid (not big/loud) bass, wide sound stage (don't like in your face forward sound), good dynamic range, airy high etc... Mostly listen to classical, vocal, jazz and soft rock. Both amps are SS.

1. Blue Jean LC-1
2. Audio Art AAC IC-3
3. AudioQuest Big Sur
4. Audio Envy Studio Prestige
Definitely stay with a shielded IC. Canare is another good one to read up on. That’s getting fairly long but if well shielded you’ll probably be ok at 15ft.
Your best bet is XLR for that run. But a well shielded rca can work. Give Rob at Audio Art a call, he is very helpful and will steer you in the right direction. Excellent company and products IMO.