Budget 15' interconnect recommendation

After remodeling my basement I will need to get a 15 feet interconnect between my pre-map and power amp. I don't have a lot of budget for that, up to $300. I did some research here and other forums and seems like the following cables will fit in my budget. I am asking if some of you have owned them and provide some direct comparison. I like smooth mid, low mid, solid (not big/loud) bass, wide sound stage (don't like in your face forward sound), good dynamic range, airy high etc... Mostly listen to classical, vocal, jazz and soft rock. Both amps are SS.

1. Blue Jean LC-1
2. Audio Art AAC IC-3
3. AudioQuest Big Sur
4. Audio Envy Studio Prestige
Definitely stay with a shielded IC. Canare is another good one to read up on. That’s getting fairly long but if well shielded you’ll probably be ok at 15ft.
Your best bet is XLR for that run. But a well shielded rca can work. Give Rob at Audio Art a call, he is very helpful and will steer you in the right direction. Excellent company and products IMO. 
I believe all four cables I listed are shielded cables. If I am wrong about this or one is better or worse than others, please let me know.
Long cables are a double whammy. Because of the length, you really need to go for a very good cable, but the long length make good cables  exorbitantly expensive. 

Good luck. I ended spending more on my ICs than my amps. Go figure.
Audio Envy of your choices.
I would DIY out of vanDamme XKE, Mogami 2549 or Canare L-4E6S. Pro mic cable.
Don’t worry about balanced for line level until you try. I made a 40’er of XKE, dead quiet.
I've used all three.
I recommend shopping used. Definitely not Blue Jeans. Cable company has used… that means you can get into the $600 if bought new. By your description you should consider Cardas Clear Reflection. Also, older like Harmonix, either copper or silver coated copper. Both were good for the money then, should be really good used.
Take your time. It is worth getting a good set and for that length, that is not a lot of money. I think mine are about 20’ and cost $5K (granted I have a very high end system)… but I am very happy with them.
I’m going toss the obvious… why do they “need” to be so far apart? I can relate to space issues etc. what causes the distance?

@ghdprentice curious why you dismiss Blue Jeans as such?
i have the Blue Jean but in a low RF environment w cathode follower preamp, so driving the cable/amp load is not an issue. Of the four you mention, all acceptable. Given you dont have RF and preamp issues.
best to you
@geof3 The new room has a egress window behind the speakers so I can't put the amp table there. So I am putting the amp on a floor rack between the speakers and everything else on a side wall next to my listening chair.

@ghdprentice Thanks, I will look into the cables you mentioned, any more suggestion? 
I bought a couple pair of Blue Jeans for my headphone system. Reminded me of the ones that come with a rubber band around them with budget equipment… well, at least they sound that way to me.

WireWorld, Transparent, and Audioquest are the highest sold high end cables and interconnects… in that order. DH Labs I have always found to be very good quality (sound) for the money… but the silver are not warm… all silver construction never is (in my experience) warm. I tried a pair of Nordost Odin 2 all silver ($17K)… they were incredibly transparent, not slightly hard or cold… but not warm.. just absent. The level of detail they communicate was amazing… I had to take them out of my system before I started liking them too much.

Cardas is always warm… choose your level… the higher the level, the less warm.
If you can scrimp up another $45.00, the DH Labs BL-1 interconnects in 5M will be perfect for what you are doing.  They are 100% shielded and use POLISHED silver plated OFC copper with good RCA's.
@hifi28 Think about this for a second. As an egress window, the likelihood of needing it is pretty slim overall. Even with an amp on the floor in front of it, access is still a problem potentially. A rack high enough for a preamp and amp is only going to be maybe 20” higher give or take. I have 5 egress windows in my basement. Most have something in front of them obscuring some sort of access, but still movable if need be. Get a rack on coasters if necessary. Simple to move and keep those runs short. Just a thought.
@goef3 I only have 1 egress window and I am placing the amp just behind the speaker so at least two feet from the window. Besides, the table is not only for the amps, also cdp, turntable, phono amp, dac, HT receiver, blue ray player etc... I did thought about putting coasters under the table. Even I have carpet on top of concrete but still not sure about viberation especially for the turntable. I have to re-think about that.

Anyone done coasters?
If the room isn't a bedroom, egress shouldn't be an issue. This assumes you're in the U.S.  If the local governing body has the room classified as a bedroom (normally, the presence of a closet triggers this), but it isn't being used as a bedroom, personally, I wouldn't worry. JMO.
I have 2 preamps that connect to an amp(s) using two 15 foot Benchmark XLR’s. It is an excellent value cable. Speaker cable is where I spend my cable money.

If your requirement is XLR cables do a bit of research on AES48. My gear supports the spec and I think it allows me to save money on XLR interconnects.
@hifi28 you could coaster the table and isolate the TT in other ways if need be. All sorts of options for that. Frankly, carpet on concrete won’t be an issue IMO. As long as you use a solid table/stand setup, putting it on coasters would be fine. You could even do carpet sliders under the rack and serve the same purpose.