Best tower speakers under $1000.00  New.

Best tower speakers under $1000.00  Used   If I can find them?

Thank you.

The Novice Guy

What amp do you have, how large is your listening room and how loud do you listen to your music? In that price range, the type of music you listen could also play a role. Finally, what are you upgrading from or are you starting from scratch.
Silverline Preludes if you can find them. Last I knew they retailed at $1500 new so should be able to get them for around $1250 or under 1k used. 
Proac Response 2.5 I saw a pair on eBay under $1,000
Well, since you've given us no info about your priorities in sound characteristics, equipment, or room size, all you'll get here is a crap shoot.  I'll submit Silverline Preludes and Monitor Audio Silver 300s as they get pretty much universally good reviews so a teashot straight down the fairway if you're just looking for flat out great sound.  If you can find used Joseph Audio RM22s or RM25s I'm sure you'll be thrilled.  If you provide us with what sound characteristics are most important to you (i.e. Tone, dynamics, soundstage and imaging, pace rhythm and timing, disappearing, etc.) you'll get better recommendations. 


I am new to this and I am piecing together my system.  I don't have a great deal of money but love music.  I love Rock and Roll and the Blues and I like it loud, yet I really like acoustic versions.  No rap or any mainstream crap that they play.  I dont have a amp as of yet but one day I will.  I have a Yamaha 7.1 receiver that was given to me brand new in a box and never used.  I plan on adding a turntable and cd player at some point.  I hope this helps.

You will like the Monitor Audio towers. They will play LOUD.
The Silverline Preludes use a couple of 3.5” mid/woofer drivers so I doubt they wil play LOUD per your requirements. 
Zu Audio - Dirty Weekends $999 or Magnapan LRS for $650 (these have been getting great press lately)
Don't get hung up on towers.  There are monitors that can be as good or better than floorstanders.  ATC speakers can rock your world, but they need some power to really sing so your Yamaha need not apply.  Here's a nice pair...

Again, what is the room size? It is easier to purchase stand mounts used (shipping). Can be more easily sold (again, shipping).