Budding Virgin Audiophile Needs Help

Hey Everybody,
1st off, thanks for your time dealing w/ my lack of understanding. I've never had a "pro-ish" set-up before so I'm trying to put one together. What I have so far is;
Sota Star Sapphire TT w/ vacuum
Rega RB-301 arm
Pete Riggle VTAF
Nicholas Chua (Promitheus Audio) phono pre
I'm in the market for an armboard. Should I buy a blank one or one than has been pre-drilled @30mm for the Rega? Why I ask this is w/ the Pete Riggle VTAF stuff the arm, as I understand it basically floats. If someone that understands this much more than I could look into the Pete Riggle VTAF and help me to understand I would be most grateful. The Nicholas Chua phono pre has an assortment of "gain chips"(I'm so embarassed btw) so does that mean I can use virtually any cartridge that I want, i.e MM or MC. Thanks so much,
P.S. I'm sure I'll have more questions if you all don't mind. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!!
My suggestion is to contact Pete Riggle and Nicholas Chua with these questions.
I would recommend sending your arm back to the folks in the UK that will do the re-wire with litz tone arm wire. will make just as big if not more of a difference than which arm board you select.

Can you please never use the words budding virgin again.