Budding Audiophile in San Diego Needs Help

Hello All,
After hours of struggling, fighting my room I am still having issues setting up my speakers and dealing with room reflections. If there is anyone in the San Diego area who enjoys doing this sort of thing, is versed in these matters and would be willing help I would really appreciate it.

Best Regards
At a glance your right speaker looks to be too close to the wall for good imaging (due to early reflections) and same imaging might benefit further out from rear wall as well. Toe-in might need adjustment in conjunction as well.

How far in front of the speaks is your main listening position? If within 6-8 feet or so currently you might want to try a more nearfield listening configuration with speaks closer together and at least 2-3 feet away from walls.

Once imaging is focused and soundstage width and depth established first, then blend in the sub as needed to fill in the low end as needed with speaks further away from walls.

Oh and if you'd like to fly me in from the east coast I'd be happy to come and help in person! San Diego is a wonderful area!
There is a great group in SD called the San Diego Music and Audio Guild (SDMAG). They meet monthly. Contact Jan at montana@san.rr.com. Next meeting is on 4/29. There have been several talks on room acoustics. Lots of good informal advice and contacts as well.
Thanks I plan on attending that meeting