Bud Fried Towers?

Has anyone heard the new bud fried towers...?
Heard them over Thanksgiving via Rocky Mountain. Excellent-plus. Seems to be the reaction of others as well. Bud would be proud!
F.Y.I. http//www.friedaudio.com/
I'm glad to see Salk went back to the Hiquphon tweeter, even if it is the one with ferrofluid(yuk). The previous Bozo's used a ring radiator that was extremely rolled off and had terrible dispersion.
I spent a lot of time listening to the Bud Fried Towers and getting opinions/info at Rocky Mountain. Long story short: Jim Salk acquired the right to the name, Bud’s notebooks, papers etc and in conjunction with Dennis Murphy is building and selling them. If the idea is to bring the principles of Mr. Fried into the 21st century I think they hit it out of the park

The Fried DNA is clear: transmission line and series crossover. The result is what one would have hoped for if Bud had the more modern drivers, computer power, materials etc that are available today. They were utterly non-fatiguing while also being uncannily accurate. From the lowest lows to the highest high all was as it should be; nothing shrill or boomy; nothing added or subtracted. Imaging was precise and the impression was of a unitary sound source, not as Bud apparently was fond of saying : “A collection of drivers in a box.” I did not have access to test data, but I think it is very likely that this speaker has a very easy to drive impedance curve; resistive rather than reactive. Perhaps as Rfogel8 suggests the choice of the Hiquphon tweeter, which seemed to be a favorite of Mr. Fried’s is an important part of the formula.

The Salk DNA is also there. As much as I admired the sound of Mr. Fried’s products, the execution sometimes left a bit to be desired. These have the build quality, the fit and finish, that has been a part of Salk Sounds reputation. A lot of value for the price is an understatement.

I have not yet spoken with Jim Salk, but from everything I have heard his and Salk Sounds reputation for customer service is exemplary. I’m looking forward to it.
Rumor has it that Overture in Delaware will be a FRIED dealer. If true, that's quite an endorsement!
I myself am very late buying these but I am glad  the Fried Towers 
are being made  if you never  owned a Fried Loudspeaker please remember 
the Modern day transmission line cabinet is Bud Fried.
And his very musical designs. Thanks to Jim Salk and Dennis Murphy
they built and designed a excellent Loudspeaker .i heard t in Ny saved a few bucks and bought them. The Hiquohon  tweeter is much better then most which Fried used often .these are hand made tweeters and pair matched  to within 
1/2 db. The Peerless  mid -woofers are Accurate,especially for the price.
also Salk built cabinets and finishes in this transmission line cabinet looks
far more expensive .Then when listening Dennis Murphy has tuned this Xover seamlessly .a very coherent and musical loudspeaker. At $3500  from my experience  class leading on many levels .none better at any where near this price point. Call Jim Salk or check out the Bud Fried Tower Loudspeakers website.

Good to know audioman58.
Will love to see your system with these. I read on another thread that you sold the Revel 208 to get these. The Revels are quite impressive. What is it about these speakers that you like over the Revels? Can you please provide a "compare and contrast" for these 2 loudspeakers? Any other loudspeakers that you compared the Bud Fried loudspeakers with?
The f208 speakers were detailed  and warm but not as open or as transparent 
As the Fried .surprising was the Revel had 2-8 inch drivers t for the Fried 
The 2  thjngs the Fried had the F208 didnot was the transmission line, 
And series over. The Bass seemed was and was very tuneful and thd crossover 
Being in series I believe why it had great sound staging  with lock on imaging.

It is a Great design  and a Electrostatic  as in the ML  it may be slightly faster 
And open ,that being said the Fried has a more 3 Dimensional nature and grip
On instruments.  Bybee quantum purifiers  I may try in a year  or so.
In  referrnce to thd Bybee purifirs I havd used these in electronics as speakers they clean up all low level noise and give better seprration. the $3500 price range not much can compete with the Fried towers.av3.7 Maggi that ribbon is superb 
But a limited sweet spot  power hungry ,very good musical purity perhaps a bit better in coherence that applies to speakers 5x this . That being said it does nit have the grip and dynamic punch of the Fried Tower.very even handed and a nice natural warmth.
Salk did a great job hitting all the buttons ,and with 10 cabinet choices ,
As the TAS review said a No  Brainer  it Is a shame they don't put these on reviews in Several  online magszines.