Buck Owens RIP

A true country great, Buck Owens, has passed away. While he may have been more known by many for his goofy character on Hee Haw (which likely really was part of his personality) he was a true talent with a major influence on popular music.

Not satisfied with the often bland sounds that were coming out of Nashville, Buck helped to pioneer the Bakersfield Sound; which helped return Country music to its basic guitar driven roots. Though with an edgier, harder sound. In many ways it was closer to early rock and roll; like from Sun records. His influence on the Beatles is obvious on their rendition of his hit, "Act Naturally". And IMHO the Bakersfield sound was a bigger influence on the formation of Country Rock than anything that came out of Nashville.

Buck wasn't afraid to make light and fun records. Songs like "Tiger By the Tail" and "Waiting in your Welfare Line" became his trademark. But he also wrote such classics as "Together Again" and "Cryin' Time". And he always had a killer band, the Buckaroos, which seems like another nod to the whimsical nature of the man.

Thanks Buck. You were a true original.
Great tribute.
I grew up listening to Buck Owens. My dad was a country music fan, it rubbed off on me.
Buck was a true pioneer in country music..... A sad day.

Mmrog, that was very insightful. Not being a fan, but also not a detractor I was not aware of his influence. Well done, and it appears, a well deserved tribute.
Thanks for the post. Though I'm not the hugest country music enthusiast, I do prefer the 40's and 50's 'honkytonk' C&W which inspired Owens, and I have several of his old Capitol LP's. I also watched Hee Haw as a kid (he and Roy Clark were the best reasons, beyond the country cuties that is). Fans of everything from The Beatles to Gram Parsons and of course Dwight Yoakum (his numero uno disciple) owe a debt of musical gratitude.
RIP Buck, and take a hike Nashville.
I love all kinds of music (variety is the spice of life) and country music is a part of me as well.

Mmrog thanks for the thread, this is the first I have heard about this tragedy & Buck Owens will be sorely missed!