Buchardt S400s

Just got these and would like some advice on a good amp to drive them.  The Outlaw 7220 seems like a good amp for the price.  My receiver is a Dennon 3400H.  Appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve ordered a pair and will be interested in any comments on this, but my guess is they’re too new for people to have much experience.  I’d imagine at least 150 watts per channel would suffice.  

I was considering a pair of these for my 150 w Pass amp.  Going to play a little with the cheap Elac b2 6.2 before it goes to an office/den.

I heard a lot of good reviews on these, and I'd love to try them.

I think a tube preamp with a SS amp would be the best for them, also a pair of solid stands would be a necessity.

My Denon needs some help for sure.  These are power hungry!
Yes, I think you can find something better suited to the Buchardts.  I’d be curious about the Nuforce STA200, but you would need a preamp, possibly tubed.  The Nuforce and a Schiit Freya would come in under a thousand dollars.  Just a thought.
The Kinki EX-M1 would be hard to beat for near the price and plenty of power.
Yo may want to be careful with the Sta-200, I’m not sure it is a great match with a solid 4 ohm load, which to Buchardts are.
+1 ghasley. My thoughts exactly. The 200 is rated at 80wpc into 8 ohms. Not seen a spec for 4ohms. 

An Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme dual mono amp would be perfect.

I would get coherent speakers over these, I think.
Has anyone compared the S400 with Tekton Impact Monitors?
I would go old school and try some adcom amps or Nad amps. I myself am rocking a B&K sonata 442 with 200w per channel.
Paired with an MRX 720 and more playing time,  I gotta say these speakers have grown on me.  I'm keeping them!  
I don’t understand why they crossover a 19mm tweeter at 2000hz. That is just too low for any 19mm tweet I know of. Every other makers have abandoned those small diameter tweeters. The latest design ring domes disperse just as well.