Buchardt S400 Special Edition speakers -- any impressions?

I have been a devotee of Spatial Audio speakers for several years, thinking I would never move on from them. However, I heard these speakers in a system with a great front end last year and was blown way with the tonality and detailed soundstage they presented.  I got a pair a week ago and they are really excellent speaker for $2700.  They clearly go deeper in the LF than my Spatials and have a tremendous soundstage, with pinpoint accuracy of the instruments.  They perform similar to the Dynaudio C-1 Contour and Joseph Audio Pulsars for a fraction of their cost. 

I'd be keen to see if anyone else has any experience with them. 
The Buchardts have an astonishing soundstage, rivaling that of the Spatials.  I clearly think former has more inner detail and are just so tonally pure.  Noticable with the Buchardts is how incredible quick they are with no hangover, if you get my meaning.  They allow you to "look through" the music in an astonishing way.  Their bass response defies belief for their size and they do play very loud with no hint of distortion.  
IIRC, they require a minimum of 100 hours play time to come to full bloom. Check back in!