Buchardt S400 S300MKII Review

Well fellow audiophiles....I have listened to many "book" shelf speakers over the years.  These are good!  I still don't understand why the tweeters are on the bottom??? I understand the head engineer of Dyna Audio designed these....I have never liked the Dyna Audio Sound....good warm but boring.  These speakers do take about 20 hours to break in.  My Boss, COB from my company asked me to buy these for him to hide it from his wife...we all know about this.;)  I had recommended Rogers LS LS3/5A or some version of the Sequerra Met 7s. FYI Dick has not contacted me after several calls...NOT Good...Pray. He is/was an audio genius.
These Speakers are built like a Brick poop House.  I put them on Pangea Audio DS400 audio stands.  Associated equipment, ARC SP6A preamp (sent to ARC for "updating") with telefunkun 12AX7A tubes, Lafayette LA-70 Monos   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ1C0d_2e5A.  

Kimber 8TC speaker cables and Audioquest Colorado interconnects. 
What is interesting I recommended to COB...IRS Infinity speakers....the wife said "I can't sleep..too much bass"  these little speakers have bass out the ass....I'm still going to be in trouble.  That is the biggest difference between the Rogers and Sequerras is the Bass.  rot row....They have a much larger sound than smaller bookshelf speakers  ....especially in the dark.  PS.  I miss HP and William Zane Johnson. 
How is this a review?  Pretty uninformative.  
And it’s Dynaudio, not Dyna Audio.   
Agreed. Please don’t drink and post. Yeah?
Ouch guys. I was trying to convey these speakers may be better than the Rogers or any of the Met 7s, "my" reference bookshelf speakers. I stand corrected on the Dynaudio. I have heard these speakers sound excellent with transistor equipment, but I am a tube guy. The Buchardt S400s are very deep in the bass, especially for there size, crystal clear in the highs and very spacious. After a morning and afternoon of listening..they sound like a "little" smaller version of the Dahlquist DQ10s. I deeply apologize for the poor review.

Hey apf, don’t sweat the small stuff or the snarkiness on display in the above posts. Welcome to the community and there are alot of really great hifi options available. 
The Buchardts are quite nice and the satori drivers are terrific values. I had a pair of the 400’s in one of my systems when they first came out and while they were nice, they were not giant killers. Horses for courses but the Buchardts are not going to displace too many Rogers LS3/5’s.
@ghasley curious to know what speakers deposed the 400s in your system.
Ive had a pair of Red Rose Music R3 monitors for years. The Buchardts are fine speakers but they did not displace these old Red Rose bookshelves...Im sure the ribbons will give up the ghost someday however.
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Thank you ghasley......yep...I am a ribbon fan, especially Dick Sequerra’s...and even Heil drivers. Hope I don’t get in trouble over that comment. I got vetoed by COB over my Rogers recommendation.....maybe price??? ;) I also mentioned the small Wilson Audio speakers....price again??
Thank you for your input.
Well fellow audiophile buddies.  After extensive listening....after the "tubes" warm up or the speakers "break in" ....they have a very deep and wide sound stage...... and the lower midrange...as HP would say where most of the music is..... is VERY GOOD especially for the size of the speaker.  Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins guitar, Eric Clapton, George Benson, Harry James, Amanda McBroom vocal,  etc, etc. 
I congratulate the engineer that designed these speakers! 
Mr. Jon Dahlquist and Mr. Dick Sequerra would be proud....wish HP was alive to review these.....  apfdirtdoctor
The S400 is very open and spacious in the lower midrange I agree OP.

Vocals are very good as well.

And, of course, the bass...